The Dead City

Lacy sits in her bed, the dirty pink cover smells of grime as she looks at her desk. The silent buzzing of the radio, she runs her fingers through her black hair and she takes in a deep breath. She stands up, hearing the dragging of nails on the floor in the hallway and she quietly presses her ear against the door.

“Please, Lacy. Let me in.” The raspy voice of a female echoes against the door.

Lacy sighs faintly, she did not like the fact that her twin sister was now a vessel as she quietly moves away from the door. She goes to her closet, opening the door and she grabs a pack of cigarettes. She pulls out her pink lighter, pulling out a cigarette and she puts the cigarette in her lips. She lights it up as the gray smoke begins to fill up the room. She hears the creature screech, heavy footsteps dashing away and then she hears a huge thud. Lacy goes to the window, opening the window a crack as she blows the smoke outside. She notices the murky cars that lines the sidewalks of her street, the sky was pure darkness without a sun and she wishes to herself that she could have saved her twin sister. She glances over at the clock as the time was now twelve pm as she takes in a drag of the cigarette in her mouth. The ash falls on to the wooden floor, Lacy sighs faintly and she knew that she had to figure out a way to get herself out of the house without being attacked. She then flicks the cigarette out onto the roof, watching it roll down onto the sidewalk and she slams the window closed.

She goes back to her bed, laying down on the bed as she begins to think of a plan to get herself out. She knew that whatever her twin sister was now did not like the smoke and she looks over at her desk. Suddenly she hears a voice from the radio.

“Trying to reach somebody. Is anybody there?” The deep voice asks as Lacy sits up in the bed, she darts over to the desk and she grabs the microphone that she attached to the radio.

“I’m here. My name is Lacy.” Lacy replies quickly as her wispy voice cracks with desperation.

“Nice to meet you, Lacy. I’m Roi.” The deep male voice replies but it sounded different.

“Where are you?” Lacy asks as she suddenly looks over to her window.

She spots a huge, deformed creature pressing its face against the glass and she pulls out a cigarette. She lights it as she hears a deafening screech come from the radio. She watches as the creature darts away from the window, hearing it’s claws against the shingles of the roof and she goes into her closet. Lacy closes the closet door softly, she sits in a corner and she holds the cigarette between her fingers. Watching the ember burn out, she sets it down and closes her eyes.

Two hours later, she wakes up from the sound of scratching on her bedroom door. She holds her breath, keeping her heartbeat steady as she hears a couple of thundering steps. Screeching and yelping is all she heard next as she carefully opens her closet door. She grabs a cigarette, lighting it quickly as she rolls it underneath her bedroom door. She watches the smoke fill both sides as the creatures seem to scatter, she holds onto a pack and she heads to her bedroom door. She then hears gunshots, covering her ears and then she hears a voice.

“Lacy? Are you okay?” The coarse voice asks.

Lacy gasps, opening the door and she notices her best friend, Andrew holding a shotgun along with some type of smoke cans. She takes one and pulls the pin, she rolls it downstairs and she runs out of the house. She notices Andrew had followed her, she begins walk faster as she was afraid that he was one of the creatures due to the madness that grew in this dead city. She hears hissing of smoke cans being pinned, she glances over and sees Andrew tossing them at a creature that stands at seven feet with broken fingers that had been transformed to claws. Lacy begins to run, hearing Andrew’s footsteps behind her and she notices a broken door of the local grocery shop. Her stomach grumbles as she rushes towards it. She sees a spider creature crawling towards her before a smoke can hisses loudly, she watches it scuttle away and she enters the shop. She finds a backpack near the entrance, she opens it up as she pulls out a flashlight. She tries to turn on the flashlight but it did not turn on, she throws it on the floor and then she hears weak breathing nearby. She feels something wrap around her neck, pulling her off of the grimy tiles as she struggles against the slimy hand around her throat. Two gunshots rings in her ear as she wakes up on the floor, she sits up and she gasps. She sees the dead creature and notices that the head had two gunshots in it along with a severe burn around them. She scurries across the floor as she hears something rummaging from the next room. Lacy groans softly as she crawls over to where she heard the rummaging coming from, noticing Andrew digging through the shelves and she shakes her head.

“What are you looking for?” Lacy asks as she looks at Andrew.

“Lacy, I’m sorry.” Andrew replies with the gun in her face.

“Do it if you think that I’ll change into one of them.” Lacy says, closing her eyes before she hears a smoke can hiss.

She begins to scream, she pulls herself away from the smoke and she hears gunshots missing her. She darts out of the building and begins to run on the cracked cement of the road. Her left leg begins to twist, her tibia bone snapping and splitting in half. She groans in pain as her right humerus bone fractures in half. She feels her rib cage expanding as she blacks out.

Four hours later, her eyes flutter open as she notices that the sun is out. She puts her left arm over her emerald eyes, sweat dripping down her face and she begins to laugh. The screeching had stopped as she strut back to her house, not a worry as she puts her hand on the door. Pushing it open as she looks around.

“I’m home.” She calls out before slamming the door shut.

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