The Hidden Treasure

Georgia pulls herself off of the murky ground, her face splattered with muck and dried blood as she focuses her emerald eyes on the dead creature with deep burns on it’s slimy, gray skin. She scoots back away from the creature, she leans against a decaying tree and she pats her legs. She notices a backpack ripped open with an amulet hanging out from the pouch as she dashes towards the amulet.

Georgia grips the amulet, studying it as she sees the slithering snake with cobalt gems for eyes. She takes in a deep breath, putting it around her neck as she closes her eyes. She notices the dim lights hovering above the trees, the light blue and lime lights flicker and she watches the metal, sleek ship stay completely still. She watches the ship as a snowy, large light dropping down a few humanoids on to the ground; she gasps while she gawks at the humanoid figures going over to the dead creature. She struggles to get on her feet as the figures grab the dead figure and disappear back to the ship.

Georgia groans softly as she hobbles towards the nearest town. The warped trees seems to be calming her nerves, she walks on the dirt path and she notices the lifeless grass. She runs her fingers through her dirty, blonde hair as she walks in to the nearest town of Kimpers, she walks past a window and observes that she had a shimmering aura around her. The amulet was twinkling with a cloudy, gray color as she bites her bottom lip. She shakes her head, glancing at her emerald eyes which seems to be deep, orange color. Georgia stops, spotting a foggy figure that appears human and one of those gray, slimy creatures. Watching as a young male sprints out of a store, holding a can of smoke and she freezes. She notices the young male’s bitter smile, she dives in to the alleyway as a large tentacle passes by the open alleyway. The bloody suckers squeezes out flesh which splatters on the sidewalk, Georgia moves behind a dumpster and she bites her bottom lip hard. Crimson liquid drips down from her bottom lip, she shakes her head gently and she fiddles with the snake amulet.

“I smell your blood.” A raspy, stuttering voice echoes out in the alleyway as Georgia presses her back against the wall. A eight feet figure with fractured fingers, spotting the fibula poking out of the slimy, gray skin and she grabs a loose brick from the building. She throws it as it smacks the creature’s sternum, covering her ears from the booming shrill that echoes from the figure’s mouth. Georgia rushes past the creature, sprinting towards a house and she hears a yell coming from behind her. She glances back, watching the young male running behind her and she dashes to the house. She pushes the door open, slamming the door closed and she pants heavily. The cobalt gems begin to dim down, she carefully gets up on her feet and she catches a glimpse of a figure nearby. She trots to the living room, grabbing a fire poker as she groans softly. She walks behind the figure, stabbing the fire poker in the creature’s back as it screams in pain. She then rushes out of the room, dashing up the stairs and she notices an open door nearby. She walks towards the door, stepping into the room and she shuts the door. She takes off the amulet and she notices a strange, gray liquid on the ceiling.

“Well, fuck.” Georgia mutters as she puts the amulet back on, the gray liquid hits her forehead and she shutters in pain. She wipes it away, she licks the blood from her lip and she knew that the vaspers were here.

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