kitHello, Kit Brumit here. I’m a writer, blogger, gamer, aunt, daughter, granddaughter and I love my dog, Rocket. This blog is mostly my poetic works and writings that I have written about my own emotions and reflections on myself. I hope that you like my poetry, and my view point.

When I write my poetry, it is mainly about depression, thoughts that I shouldn’t ever think of, I have written some screenplays and short stories, and most of my work is inspired by my own emotions, feelings, and whatever pops into my head at the time. I have a soft spot for horror and thriller novels due to the interest of what goes on, and I love mystery novels as well since as a kid, I would pick out the book series of Nancy Drew who was an investigator.

I am single, bisexual and not looking. 😉

I have two brothers, my older brother, Carl and my baby brother, Ben but I wouldn’t change my brothers ever. Carl and me are both in to a game called Dungeons and Dragons which is amazing to me, I never thought that I would honestly be able to play but his D&D group made it easy for me to join and learn. He’s an amazing brother who makes me smile, always gives me a hug when I need it and will always be there if I need him.

Then my parents whom have always supported me in whatever I choose I do, they are my rock and they truly make me think of what I can do in the future. My mom has always been there for me even when she found out that I was deaf, no ear canals to let sound though and then my dad who is my rock. He always making jokes, crude ones but I know that it is just who he is and I love them both so much.

As for my obsession for my furry boy, Rocket is my favorite dog, he is always with me and he seems to always wanting to bark at anybody who says my name. Rocket is my spoiled boy, playing with his toys and even when his bark pierce my ears, I make it laugh.

I hope you enjoy to stay here at Pitch Black Poesy, and I hope you will visit often.

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