The Taste Of Blood

Children covered in rags,

screaming in enjoyment

as the feast begins.

The sounds of birds

echoing in to the caves below,

damp soil with serenity bellows

as the trees begin to sway.

“But papa, what about the Beast?”

An old man strumming a golden lute,

singing his Spanish songs of the angels

as thunder claps in the sky.

The silver stars that mingle with pink clouds,

chatter among long-lost friends

as a bizarre creature emerges from the cave.

The claws engorging with blood,

azure veins pops with every movement

as the clouds turn bleak.

The head of the monster slithers

like a snake,

purple skin sheds before the feet

and the slime slowly melts away.

Acid spurting from underground,

the ants crawl up onto the skin

as the children run with dread.

The old man still playing his

Spanish tunes,

singing songs of sorrow

and the fright of what is

going on does not scare him.

Along the edge of the sea,

ships start falling at

the hands of Poseidon

as the beast silently

dashes through the

murky forest.

Doves flying across

the silver stars

as the monster stalks the prey.

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