Not Giving Up On Me

“Never giving up on you.”

Is a constant phrase that

I have always heard but

never truly believed it

until it was at that point

where I was in the darkest

place in my broken life.

The clever pieces of my

elegant, shattered thoughts got

the lever of harmful

images of something

that should never even

cross my narrow mind but

you never wanted to

sever from who I was.

In a way, you saved

my life by those words

that you kept repeating

and I often felt like I

was just in a play of my

own twisted emotions

that kept me up at all

hours until I realized

that I am never giving up

on myself either.

“Never giving up on you.”

Thank you for helping me

survive my own madness

that made me strive for

something different that

wasn’t going to deprive

me of my happiness.

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