The Road To Sunshine

My eyes slowly drift down,

my face blank of any fear.

Yet I know that I will see her again tonight,

my dream bubbles into reality.

My bare feet steps on the pavement,

autumn leaves fall down from the trees

as a heart has been curved into the bark.

Squeaking glider set breaks my nerves

as I turn to face the rusty swings.

A little girl skipping along the sand.

Her yellow shirt and ruffling pink skirt,

Upon them are stains of blood.

Her body jolts to a stop,

the black veins popping on her neck.


Little fingers squirms into my hand,

I look down towards my feet

and a girl giggling up at me.

“My name is Sunshine,” says the perky girl.

I jump backwards against the rails of the train,

She stares at me with emotionless eyes.

As her babyish palms slam against my stomach,

a mist surrounds her petite body.

Sunshine bends the melancholy light,

Her pastel skin crawls with sapphire eyes.

My eyes are blinking faster,

I fall back from the dripping water spills on the platform.

My body falling

as the icy winds touch my face.

The tracks slicing my skin,

the train chugs along towards me.

The booming echo of the train’s whistle,

I know my fate

as the growling thunder slams above the train.

Blood-curling screams burst my ears

as Sunshine’s body deforms into a slender creature.

Her face shudders with black veins vibrating on her neck,

She gnaws on a damaged bone that peeks through the tracks.

The tips of her engorged claws are dripping with blood.

I gasp as the car of the train slams into my body.

Curving into my skin

as the warm, red liquid spurts from my gashes

and the little girl leans over my dying body.

Sunshine’s hand slides into mine as she whimpers.

She melts back into a child,

I feel my breath stop.

The squeaky clean floors of the hospital,

White gauze wraps around my wounds and my skull.

My eyes glance at the peeling wallpaper

as an wrinkled drunken doctor stumbles into the post,

A thick needle pierces my flesh.

Sunshine lies there on the bed besides mine,

As her eyes bleeding from her undiscovered sickness.

I feel my feet on the freezing floor as my body shivers,

I kneel down next to her failing body and I stare at her smile.

Sunshine says, “I am in control.:

I feel her hands around my throat

as I look into her blackened eyes,

I whisper, “Take me, I do not belong here.”

Her hands tremble as I fall back onto my skull.

The pure white bone splits the bandages

as my crimson gore leaks onto the floor.


The six miles that I have walked,

My feet cracking as the stains of tar burn my skin.

Her sapphire eyes twinkles at me as I stop in my tracks,

I whisper, “Get away from me, you beast.”

High pitched giggles escape Sunshine’s lips,

her petite feet scrunching the grass that is stained with dry blood.

Decaying bodies lay all around as her hand slips into mine,

I realize that she has chosen to haunt me

and I feel the blood dripping down my chest.

As Sunshine’s hand holds my stagnant heart

and I fall to my knees.

I see myself with scorching skin upright next to seared Sunshine,

Our eyes connect as my souls drift away from our shells.

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