Barely Hanging Onto You

I am barely hanging onto you,

I am stuck like glue and yet

you want to push me away like

I am a debt to your heart.

You got me singing about the

way that you hold me tight,

you got me wrapped up in these

little moments of happiness

and yet I let you slip away.

The broken pieces of my mind

come together to form a perfect

picture, something in my soul

just begs me to move on but

I cannot do anything like that.

The twisted melodies that sing

deep into my veins are what

keeps me alive, living on and

trying to find you in a maze

of great misdirection. How can

I feel everything yet feel numb

all at the same time?

It is love that tangles me up

like no tomorrow yet releases

me when the sun rises.

The simplest memories linger

in my head like a movie that I

keep playing on replay and it

is you that saves me from the

darkness that is left in my heart.

I am barely hanging onto you,

not wanting to lose the best

person who can keep me from

losing my sanity and I want

to tell you that I love you.


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